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Here’s where the fun begins

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ve probably heard the news. For the rest of you, Lucasfilm announced today that the Expanded Universe is sorta closing its doors to make way for a new continuity to coincide with the upcoming movies. They also announced some of the new novels arriving in the coming months.

Via the Star Wars Books Facebook page

I can’t say I wasn’t surprised this happened since Disney acquired the house that George built. However, I am not heartbroken at this decision. It makes sense for the people creating the new movies to not be constrained by all of the continuity floating around the Outer Rim. Let them carve their own corner.

I’m also not crying in my blue milk because I haven’t invested too much into the EU. I read Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy back when it first appeared on¬†bookshelves in the early-to-mid-1990s. I read Dark Horse Comics’ Dark Empire, written by Tom Veitch and illustrated by Cam Kennedy. I soon picked up a few more novels and comics, but I discovered that I couldn’t keep up with everything. My Amazon.com wish list can attest to that. I drifted away.

I’m sure there are some fans who are crying foul about the news, that they’re just dumping their beloved books into the trash compactor where the dianoga monster can have a snack. Well, the EU was never canon to start with. The movies (including their novelizations, the radio dramas, The Clone Wars, and the upcoming Rebels) are canon. The EU novels were just stories, things that might have happened.¬†Besides, these novels aren’t going away. They will continue to be in print, but now they’ll have “Legends” emblazoned on the covers. Heck, the creative folks may still pluck stuff from those tales. Works for me.

As long as people are still interested in the adventures of Luke Skywalker and company, these stories should live as long as Yoda did, if not longer.

Also, is it December 2015 yet? [looks at watch impatiently, taps foot]