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This Is Heavy

(Walks up to the microphone, taps it a couple of times, makes a squeeing noise in the speakers, realizes this gag has been done thousands of times, and decides to keep talking.)

Um, hello. This is my third blog post ever. So I figured I’d start with something near and dear to my heart:

I am strong with the Force, adverse to Kryptonite, a frequent visitor to the Uncharted Territories, and my other cars are a DeLorean and KITT.

Yup. I’m a geek.

me and jedi mickey

Me and Jedi Mickey back in 2004

I’m sure I’m not the only one who pledges allegiance to all things science fiction/fantasy on this great big blue marble we call Earth. I’m probably the five millionth child who grew up in the ’80s and soaked up Star Wars, the Transformers, etc., but hey, the Internet’s a big place. What’s the harm in one more tale?

Some my earliest memories are pure geek. I remember reading some giant comic book featuring Superman sliding across a telephone wire. Like many other youths who came of age in the late ’70s/early ’80s, a certain little art film called Star Wars altered my life trajectory forever. I remember watching A New Hope on HBO around 1983 and reenacting the trench battle with my X-Wing fighter sans blasters (and sans Luke Skywalker as X-Wing pilot action figure). I eagerly gobbled up as much as I could find regarding the final chapter of the saga.

Around that same time, I discovered a TV show with the most amazing concept: a talking car that could drive itself. And could jump over other cars. Yes, friends, Knight Rider. In my young eyes, the show didn’t star David Hasselholf, it starred the Knight Industries Two Thousand. Whenever I watched an episode, I’m sure I was impatiently waiting for the part of the show when K.I.T.T. did something awesome. I still have Kenner’s super-sized toy of K.I.T.T. (complete with Michael Knight action figure! AND K.I.T.T. talked when you pressed the license plate!…which doesn’t work anymore)

Jump ahead a year, where the natural progression of sci-fi led me to the coolest concept my 8-year-old brain could comprehend. Instead of a talking car that drove itself, now you had the Transformers. They were talking cars that drove themselves but now they transformed into robots! Will wonders never cease? The Autobots and the Decepticons took over for the Rebellion against the Empire.

As I got older, I latched onto different properties and discarded others, but I never let my thirst for other worlds wither away. And since the ’80s never went away in the eyes of merchants, I’ve been able to relive some of these childhood loves. Some haven’t held up well to the sands of time, but they still give me a smile.

For better or worse, they have shaped the geek I’ve become. So much so that I’ve been writing numerous short stories in this genre the past few years (you can find one of them elsewhere on this website), and I’m in the midst of writing a science fiction/fantasy/whatever novel. But that’s a tale for another day.

(Pokes the microphone one more time, doesn’t make any feedback. Quietly walks away from the microphone.)